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The sixth season of the animated comedy series Bob's Burgers began airing on Fox in the United States on September 27, , and concluded on May 22, On January 8, , the series was renewed for a sixth...
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General Trivia Gallery Gags Store Next Door "BIDETS AND CONFUSED BIDETS FOR BEGINNERS" A play on the movie Dazed and Confused Pest Control.No one really knew what the show was about, they were probably thrown off by male voices used for female characters, and some of the story lines were just plain odd. I have to admit, after watching some of Season 1, I thought it was really strange, and only saw it on and off until Season 3 rolled around. Part of the reason I like the show is because it does lean toward the bizarre, but this list has the ten episodes that will leave you wondering, "WTF was that all about? You're welcome. Throw in the proposal that the Belcher family gets five months' free rent in exchange for Linda pretending to be the landlord's wife and you get a situation that goes from bad to worse before anyone gets to enjoy dinner. I have yet to see anyone do that at our local grocery store. Maybe I'll be the first!... Read more